snakes are not pets

3 Answers – Do snakes make good pets? Why or why not? – Quora

5 Reasons NEVER to Buy a Snake | PETA

“Musthave pets” become inconvenient burdens very quickly. Most snakes end up being ignored and neglected in dark basements or garages. … Please, never buy a snake or any animal from a pet store and ask friends and family not to support this deadly industry, either.

Should pet snakes be illegal? |

They have stupid thought that snakes harm people ,, it’s not true snakes harm people only when people harm them.. Even people having dogs and cats often get bitten by them in that case even the dogs and cats are harmful creatures right. . Y do u people still have them as pets?? One of the loveliest creation by god are  …

Pythons: Are they ever a good idea for a pet? – The Globe and Mail

Having a pet – any kind of living creature – is a big responsibility. But owning a potentially dangerous animal, whether that’s a dog, snake, or a tarantula is a responsibility that requires an immense amount of planning, education, and controls. If you’re not prepared for this, please consider a gold fish.

3 Answers – Do snakes make good pets? Why or why not? – Quora

There’s a difference between an animal exhibit, even one that’s private in your home, and an actual pet, after all). In terms of the snake species that do make good pets (such as corn snakes and ball pythons), what a snake has to offer is this: They can become habituated to handling and tolerate it well.

Why snakes make the best pets, instead of cats or dogs | Metro News

Once they’ve had their weekly dinner, most snakes would be happy enough to not see you at all until the next time you pop up with a tasty dead mouse (which nowadays can be bought readyfrozen from most good pet stores). Need to be away from home for more than a week? No problem at all – just feed …

Dangerous exotic pets: Snakes : The Humane Society of the United …

Large constrictor snakes like pythons, boa constrictors, and anacondas are powerful wild animals capable of killing an adult human—and they are commonly and legally kept as.

The 10 Worst Animals to Keep as Pets – The Spruce

These snakes could kill you with a single bite and there is most likely no anti venom close enough to help you. Some cobras can also cause immense pain and blindness just by spitting their venom into your eyes! There are plenty of pet snakes available that do not produce venom but are still intriguing, …

Hidden Dangers of Owning a Reptile | petMD

For example, a snake may strike at a person who places their hand inside a habitat during (and sometimes immediately following) feeding time. Usually this can be … Not only could it harmful for the pet, but it can lead to accidental bites and scratches if the reptile chooses to act in selfdefense. Not sure how to properly …

Snakes are not pets!!! – YouTube

How can 2 young boys go to sleep and be strangled by a python. This is utter andtotal madness …

The 21 Reasons Why Having a Pet Snake is Scary – Pawedin

I must admit out of all the animals on this great planet of ours, the snake is my least favorite. It’s not like I haven’t seen my fair share of them or done enough research on the matter—have you checked out the Ultimate Reptile Guide? They just aren’t appealing to me. So for all you nonsnakeenthusiasts out there, I have put …

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