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SAS Versus R Part Two | ML/DL

How to Buy SAS Software | SAS

Software Licensing & Payment Options. SAS has 40 years of experience putting our customers first. Software updates are always free, and there’s never a cost for the quality service you’ll receive from technical support — unmatched for their product and industry knowledge. Through the SAS Payment Options Program, you …

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Their basic windows Analytics package costs $8,700 for the first year. It includes BASE, STAT, and GRAPH products for basic data processing, advanced statistics, and automated production graphics. You will need to pay a chunk extra for modules to access databases directly or using ODBC. See Order SAS® Software.

SAS Versus R Part Two | ML/DL

Entry costs to license the most basic package (SAS Analytics Pro) costs $8,700 (first year fee) at the SAS online store; this package includes Base SAS, SAS/STAT and SAS/Graph. SAS renewal fees generally run 2530% of the first year fee.

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Just noticed that SAS raised their prices for desktops. The 2014 price for a single workstation was $8700 for the first year and has increased to $9,000. This is for the Analytics Pro product and only available on Windows Workstations. Note that SAS does not sell workstation licenses for Apple’s OS X operating system …

Thanks, but no thanks, SAS | ZDNet

I only wanted a single user license; it’s just me doing the actual analysis and SAS programmers aren’t exactly a dime a dozen in small, rural school districts. Care to know the firstyear costs? Just to … However, at those prices, I’m more than happy with good enough. So I downloaded R, a very serious open …

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News; Components; Purchase a License; Download; Installation; Support; System Requirements for SAS 9.4 (release TS1M4); Older Versions of SAS. SAS is an extremely powerful statistical analysis tool with a long history and large user base. We are currently offering SAS 9.4 (TS1M4) for Windows and …

SAS Analytics Pro Software Pricing, Reviews & Demo – 2017

Review of SAS Analytics Pro Software: system overview, features, price and cost information. Get free demos and compare to similar programs.

Rant: I really hate the SAS pricing structure – Google Groups

It’s slow, it sucks, and our jobs take forever. I’ve never had to get a quote for SAS outside of a desktop user environment and was absolutely shocked to find the cost. If I spent $8K on a nice new server, dual processor dual core, I’m looking at $170,000 just for the upgrade license, with a further $56,000 per …

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Not surprisingly, virtually everyone who uses SAS gets their license through their employer or their university. So why is SAS now … If they graduate with no experience using SAS, they will be far less likely to insist that their companies pay for a very costly software package. And the many companies that …

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Please see the Purchase License section below for the pricing schedule and instructions for requesting and purchasing an SAS license for 201718. SAS is …. In addition to the SAS license purchase cost (see above License Prices) there will be an additional 9% Processing Fee charged for Student SAS License purchases.

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